The family that runs together…

For most people, running a 5K race actually means running, or at least attempting to run, not walking, not strolling like you’re going for a romantic walk under the stars, not stopping to chit-chat with friends, or worst yet stopping to pose and upload Facebook and Instagram photos.

Well, I did start by saying “most people”, and my husband is certainly not like most people. In fact, he is one of a kind, a truly unique being (which is sort of why I married him… sort of).

For him, Sagicor Sigma Corporate 5K Run was a grand opportunity to catch up with old friends. So, needless to say when, at the start of the race, he publicly threatened (and posted said threat on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), “Lecia if you run leave me the marriage over!”  I didn’t stop to find out whether he was joking or not. Well, not until I realized that I was in a sea of over 22,000 people, and probably wouldn’t be able to find him at the finish line.

The crew and a portion of the crowd.

The crew and a portion of the crowd.

Somewhere just before completing the first kilometre, I stopped running, called him and waited until he caught up.

photo FB

Not only did I have to wait a few minutes before he caught up, but when he finally did, he insisted on walking. The 5K “Run” continued to be a big meet and greet session for him! He stopped, hugged, greeted and chatted with friends. Clearly, he was in no hurry to get anywhere!

This was after the Run but you get the idea.

This was after the Run but you get the idea.

Here I was taking part in my first official 5K Run and then there was hubby, enjoying the camaraderie.

On noticing that I was pouting, he draped an arm around my shoulders “Lecia, why you killing out yourself trying to run? Relax. Sigma run is time to catch up with friends.”

“No it’s not! You catch up AFTER the run!” I quickly retorted.  

“No” and as if everyone else but me understood this, he continued “By then most people gone back to their booths and you can’t find them.” And with that he resumed his leisurely stroll.

Arggh! Imagine my frustration.

Photo credit: Bitstrips

Photo credit: Bitstrips

By this time I had abandoned all hopes of running when one of my girlfriends caught up with us. She too wanted to run but was without a running mate. Only too happy to find company, I quickly abandoned hubby yet again, and began a light jog.

Thankfully, he had, as a walking mate, one of my girlfriends who had injured her ankle sometime ago and regretfully had no choice but to walk.

Forty-seven minutes later we had completed the run. At this point, my time didn’t matter. I had spent a great portion of it not running. Even I had to admit that I was not as fit as I used to be. More than a few times I had to stop and catch my breath or do a brisk walk instead of jogging.

An hour and some minutes later, while I caught up at our booth with my co-workers and friends, there was hubby and my girlfriend casually strolling across the finish line, not even a drip of sweat to evidence their physical exertion.

My girlfriend told me that about half way in the “Run” my hubby turned to her and asked, “Kerry, you not tempted to run?”  To which she responded, “No”

 “Good!  Because I am not even slightly motivated to run!” and with that they continued their morning stroll.

Not even a drop of sweat!

Not even a drop of sweat!

A few hours later, after crashing in bed, I truly wished I had followed his lead. I woke up feeling as if I had been run over by a Leyland truck. Every single bone in my body hurt. I tried getting out of bed but my feet wobbled like jello.

Meanwhile, hubby had changed into his uniform and had gone off to work. When he returned several hours later, I still could not move. As I hobbled into the living room to gobble up the dinner he has brought home, he shook his head and unsuccessfully tried to hide his smirk.

“You really should listen to me enuh.”

I was in too much pain to even argue. I dug for my best pathetic, puppy dog look.

“Come here man” I hobbled towards the sofa when he engulfed me in his arms and after our meal gave me the best massage ever!!

“So babes, tell mi something, a so you did really want me mash-up miself when Trinidad Carnival is just two weeks away?!


“Just don’t stop rubbing my feet, pleeeeaseeee!”

Two words: lesson learnt!

lecia and Garf

Here are five quick tips should you ever decide to run a 5K

  1. Rest - get plenty of rest before the race! Eight hours of sleep is best.
  2. Drink lots of water - not during the race silly! Months, weeks, days before the race, be sure to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. During the race, take small sips.
  3. Practice/Train – if I need to tell you why this is important, please re-read my experience above!
  4. Exercise/Stretching – it’s important to warm up your body before the race and to protect your muscles after the race. You should stretch everywhere, from neck to hamstrings. Trust me, this will save you from so many unnecessary injuries in the end.
  5. Pace yourself - It’s very important to look for people who look like you and run with them. Never ever try to keep up with the track stars! They will quickly wear you out and the rest of race will quickly turn into a nightmare.

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