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Le Diner en Blanc – Why would I pay to feed myself?

Last year, when Garfield aka “the great adventurer” aka “the explorer” aka “the trier of all things new” excitedly suggested that we attend the first staging of Le Diner en Blanc – Dinner in White – I rolled my eyes and responded, “Hell no?!” I mean, “Why would I want to go to one of...

Great Jamaican restaurants to eat out

So in anticipation of Restaurant Week (and no I am NOT paid to promote any of these restaurants), I have pulled together the results of my Facebook poll into a blog post as promised. I don’t know how many of these restaurants are actually participating in Restaurant Week, but hey, I can’t do all the work...

My Olympic confession: crushing after marriage

We all watch Olympics because we are highly patriotic. If like me, you are Jamaican, then you are no doubt extremely proud of the spectacular performances of our star athletes. Like the man in Half Way Tree today, we are "overlated" (a combination of overjoyed and elated. I think) by the outstanding performances of Alia Atkinson...