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It’s better in Bahamas (so they say)

We arrived in Bahamas in a little over an hour on a direct Caribbean Airlines flight. Immigration was hassle-free (hear that Trinidad… Barbados?), but it took quite a bit of time to retrieve our luggage. The customs officer actually searched every single one of our bags. Word has it that it’s because we were on...

“Are we there yet?” (Cuba – Part 2)

The bright lights of Havana would soon disappear and we were engulfed in darkness too thick for me to make out any signs along the way. As I leaned back and tried to rest my head against the hard seat, my eyelids began to feel heavy and the road before me became a blur. It...

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness …”

“Babe, it's three years that we married enuh!” “Ugh! All of three years?!”  He uses an imaginary knife to slit his throat. “Well you do realize that you are married to Popcorn, the same Popcorn from UWI (University of the West Indies) campus, who lived on Taylor Hall, Block F?” That reminder always gets him. For those...