Olympics epiphany: yes I can!

Lusting at these male eye candies at the Olympics (see yesterday’s blog post) got me thinking about fitness, and my personal struggle -- well, our personal struggle as a couple -- with keeping fit, losing weight and looking good.

We all know that fitness plays a major role in being healthy but let’s be real: a big part of fitness is about looking good.

No matter what you say, if the person with whom you fall in love transforms into a blob overtime by gaining too much weight, over time it will impact on your marriage.

Men, if you marry a stunning 125-pound, shapely goddess who is always on top of her game and she later transforms into a 180-pound woman, chances are you will not be a happy camper. So, why do you think it's perfectly OK when you have gone from Mr Six-pack-abs to Mr Pot Belly?

Don’t all get your undies in a bunch! I know-- love is not skin deep, and beauty lies within. Cut the crap! Be honest with yourself: looking good matters!

Go ahead. Bring on the retort: "Just wait until you have a baby, and you start packing on the pounds!”  I hear it all the time. Don't get me wrong, I accept that it is difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. I know that it can be a struggle, especially if you have a busy career. But guess what? Many women have done it; I hope to be one of them.

Seriously though, how long can you use the child-bearing fact as the reason for keeping on those extra pounds? The child is now 10 years old. For heaven sakes, why are you still calling it “baby fat”?

Case in point: for as long as I can remember, Paula-Anne Porter-Jones (she has no idea I’m writing this, and may really hate me for doing so) has been an inspiration to me. Aside from the fact that she is not human, and is clearly a total freak of nature, in my eyes, she is the quintessential woman!  She is a wife, mother, full-time career woman, and -- wait for it -- she still actively plays a sport! There is no debating that she's drop dead gorgeous. In another life, I hope to be like her.

Working out as a Couple!

 Leading up to our wedding,  we had an intense workout programme which included being on Mountain Spring at 5:45 A.M., then we would head to the gym to work out with our personal trainers: Courtney Bailey and Meloney Martin. I tried to keep working out right up to my exams. It was brutal.

Hubby and trainer Meloney

The result?

My husband lost 32 pounds which is a tremendous feat. I didn’t have a goal but I lost 7 pounds!  Even more than the weight loss, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments. When we first started, we could barely make it to the top of Mountain Spring.  It was sheer torture.

Struggling to make it up the Hill

Now, with the help of our magnificent trainer, Kevin Wallen aka King of the Hill, we often make it to the top in record times. We can even run parts of the journey which is a huge accomplishment for my hubby who just last year had to do physiotherapy and an MRI on his knees. It’s unbelievable the kinds of high impact exercises that we are now able to do (in case you think that's anything to brag about,  a close friend of ours, who recently had a baby, walks the hill every morning -- baby in hand).

Anybody who exercises knows that hard it is to stay in shape, to maintain your fitness and to keep looking good.  It requires dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Hubby and Kevin aka King of the Hill!

This brings me to why I hate exercising.

Our bodies are the most unforgiving and ungrateful creation there is: you can lose weight, get in shape and look drop dead gorgeous today. God forbid, you stop working out and maintaining your diet, in no time you go back to being blob central.

That is why it’s so frustrating for me!

I’m accustomed to setting goals, achieving them and moving on. But noooo, it doesn’t work that way with fitness and weight loss; you must keep working at it. If you want to maintain bodies like athletes, it has to be a lifestyle. Fail to do this, and all your hard work will in no time amount to squat!

I am yet to come to terms with this fact. Often times, I have to kick my own butt, give myself pep talks and even malice my husband for forcing me to get ready to go to the gym.  As I write, I am still playing hide-and-seek with both our trainers.

But I do recognise that I have to do the work, not only because I am mostly partly superficial, but also because I shape like a box. Don’t laugh; it’s the truth! I have the shortest torso, so when I gain weight it lands right in my stomach, and stays there. The result? I end up looking like sponge bob.

I remember weighing up to 140 pounds. My hubby had all sort of nicknames for me like “Whale”, “Fatty”, and “Cow”. Needless to say, fat jokes were rampant around the house and even our camera came out a lot less often (and, you know how he loves to take photos).

Garfield, on the other hand is a natural fitness/gym buff (although he is more talk than action). Admittedly, it is so much easier for him because he is coming from a place where fitness was a lifestyle. And even then, it takes a great effort.

If you know him from his University days, you will know that he is coming from a body that could rival any athlete to a belly that could now give Rick Ross a run for his money (payback).

And that’s why I have to give athletes mad props! You all deserve every penny and all the recognition that you get. What you do is no easy feat; after all if it was, then we would all be strutting around looking like you do!

So a strange thing happened while I was watching the Olympics. I had an epiphany!

I am not going to just sit on my butt and admire your sexy bodies. I am going to put in the work, and while I may not attain the perfection of an Olympian, I can very well try!

My new fitness mantra: I can do it! So as of now, I will be encouraging my hubby to get out of the rut that we have been in since the return from our honeymoon, to get back on track ,and keep going so that we can have a happy, healthy and sexy life together! (Cue song: We are the champions my friends...)

Can you say sexy forever!


12 Responses

  1. I agree there is big difference between skinny and healthy. I like reading your posts, because of your honesty and yes, looking good do matters! Especially if it is in our power to do something with our body to make it better, than it is our obligation to do it! : ) Not just for our partners but for ourselves!

  2. Kerry Tracey

    I love it!!! I have been on a weight loss programme and it gets so difficult especially when the pounds don’t melt off my body the way I think it should. But I must admit that since I am on the injection it is more difficult to lose weight. So far since June I have lost 4lbs and what you have done is motivate my to continue and stay on track. Thanks hon and keep being you

  3. Jonah's Mom

    LOVE your posts Lecia! And thanks for the shout-out:-)

  4. I will be crushing alot of toes here………but the truth is what some ppl need. 1st Men love to act like they must be big and fat and the woman must stay slim…..newsflash……MEN GO LOSE that BELLY/FAT! I tell my frenz if Rick Ross offered me all his $$$$$$ i would NEVER b with him….I would have one word for him..GYM.

    2nd. Mrs. Bucka Taylor, I strongly feel some1 weighing 250 or MORE is a sin….sign of LAZINESS. It disgusts me when I see persons weighing so much sipping on SODA and in the KFC line ughh. Boi is like yu crush mi toe sah…….let me shut mi mouth ya…too much TRUTH not good…..Mi glad mi Karate class start monday caz my body haffi stay healthy and looking good.

    And let me make it clear, I dont discriminate…I have FAT/obese/fluffy/ (whatever dem call it) frenz and mi nuh ramp fi tell dem fi go lose the weight…..I even offer to work out with them, suggest ways in which they can make tiny steps, starting with their diet. STAY MOTIVATED!!!!

  5. Monique

    Lecia, you go girl. That is my daily struggle too. I always say I’m glad I’m not fat cuz my motivation fails me more often than not. Lately, I’ve been taking to running 5Ks and swimming to at least get some workout done but most time, as soon as I reach home, that’s it; I find every excuse in the book to put off exercising for another day :). As for having a child, I will say I am one of the lucky ones as I actually lost weight after having my daughter; however, I have the remnant of a tummy that refuses to get flat. I will lose weight everywhere else except there. Sigh. Maybe you should motivate us all by setting weekly targets and we can all do it together.

    • I am going to be ddoing my fitness test and my trainer will set goals for me. I will definitely share my progression and what I’m doing. let’s see ifwe can motivate each other.

  6. Mimi Nate

    Lecia, thank you for re-iterating what I have been telling couples, other men and women for years. I have often hear people say the older they get the more their metabolic rate slows down, that is definitely not true, it is all about how your curtail your nutrition and exercise to accommodate your now busy and career oriented lifestyle. Thanks Lecia, I hope your article will motivate other like minded individuals. Garfield promise me that he will be back, this week, I know he is a procrastinator, I hope you won’t me me being in his skin to get back on his program, I don’t want him to put the weight back on. Keep up the good work……….Blessings……………continue to set the standard for other couples out there who think it is impossible. You will never find the time for anything………….You have to MAKE TIME!!!! Peace

  7. Cavell Francis-Rhiney

    @ Simone you crack me up. But Lecia this blog is so timely, as you know I was pencil thin (with the exception of my ass) at UWI then grad school and baby happened. I decided to start working out beginning this year and while I have not been as consistent as I should be I lost 7lbs but most importantly I feel much better about myself. I am on vacation and I signed up for rumba classes for the two weeks and my sneakers have become permanent accessories. But all this is hard work and like Simone said you work out mentally (in my case like you to avoid the burn). While I wont be the 100lb girl who ate anything (Lecia we have to admit dem days gone) I am committed to eating right and staying active afterall I too am superficial (a little) and I love sex so God forbid my weight get into the way of my favourite passtime.

  8. Simone Warner

    Well I am going to make mine a weight issue then Lecia…I am still blaming my two sons for my weight gain 6yrs and almost 2yrsa go since I gave birth. I must admit though when i was in Jamaica the gym saw me 5dys a week morning and evening an lawd I knew I was HAT STUFF. Having relocated..I have opted to find all kinds of reason as to why I no longer exercise and have gained the weight equivalent to that of your average 6yr old and not the anorexic kind either. Now my weight gain has been enough for my dear mother to be concerned about my sex life. Can you imagine how offended I was when she said to me “Simone you have on too much weight, my god you know this kind of weight cannot be healthy for your sex life”..Well that message came and went like wata offa duck back cause I think sex must have lead to the last child I had…I will admit I work out mentally in my head every morning except Sundays. I have a mental visual of myself in the gym tearing up the treadmill, killing some abs, reps and bench presses.

    Because of that I now have visuals of all kinds of unreal things, like the time I went into Target, squeezed msyelf into a medium top and after much sweating, panting, acrobatics and a concerned clerk asking “ma’am are you ok in there” I was able to get myself out of the top with minimal damage to the fabric but a very bruised ego. In all honesty I have opted to set realistic goals for myself and starting in early November after my bundle of joy arrives..I will proceed to start a healty eating and exercise regime so that hubby dearest can get what he had originally signed on the dotted line for 7yrs ago.

    • Simone I fell off my chair reading this! You are hilarious! You should guest blog for me one day! Thanks for being so open and frank about the subject!


    Well it sounds to me like you g are now in the right place. Next Saturday is testing – we will use the time to see where everyone is and then design a program specifically to get you to where you want to go. I love it. see you guys on Tuesday. Jah Guide