Kitchen Misadventures – Prendy’s Pumpkin Steamed Fish

So, last Sunday I decided to steam fish… Prendy’s syle.

For those who don't know, Prendy's is a little restaurant, famous for its exquisite seafood dishes on the beach of Hellshire. It's an absolute must visit should you come to Jamaica. But enough of the free tourist promo. Back to my adventure.

There is, however, a big (major) difference with having the desire to cook a world-famous dish, and actually knowing how to prepare said dish. This distinction often eludes me. But nothing was going to stop me from satisfying this insatiable craving for Prendy's steamed fish!

Fortunately, God man made the internet -- the source of all wisdom and fountain of all knowledge. A clever search term (and by clever I mean that I searched "Prendy's fish") and a few clicks later, up popped a YouTube video of Dwayne “Spragga” Wallace on Grace Foods Creative Kitchen showing off his original creation: Prendy’s Pumpkin Steamed Fish!

I told you the internet was a gift from God!

So after watching this clip for all of eight minutes and twenty-seven seconds, I fancied myself a chef! I gathered together all my ingredients and sharpened my knife.  Isn't that what they always do on cooking shows? Look, I watch Top Chef O.K.

Then it was time for action.

Chop. Chop. Slice!

F&*k! The pumpkin turned crimson as I struggled to control the blood that was now spewing from my sliced thumb. It didn't help that I had just used the very same knife to chop a scotch bonnet pepper in half! Instinctively, I dropped the knife and the pumpkin into the sink. Bloody amateur!

I rushed to the bathroom and grabbed the hydrogen peroxide. No matter how much pressure I applied to my thumb the damn thing just wouldn't stop bleeding. But as all great chefs know: the show must go on! So after a good dousing with the hydrogen peroxide and wrapping with a band-aid, I was back to playing Top Chef! 

I’m not sure why I felt the need to share my pain with Facebook (*cough* social media addict), but I immediately uploaded a photo of my injured thumb. Soon after, I received what I thought would have been a sympathetic call from hubby, (who was at work, and for whom I was diligently preparing this meal).

“Oieee, you dun kill youself yet?!”

“Excuse me!” The nerve.

“Mi no see you a try kill off yourself in the kitchen pon Facebook! So you dun kill youself yet?” I heard you the first damn time, "excuse me" was not for you to repeat the question, but was an opportunity to fix up your question!


“You know what, good-bye!”

No way was I going to allow my detractors (aka my husband) to ruin my Top Chef moment. I wanted Prendy's steam fish, and I was going to have Prendy's steam fish... even if it meant blowing up the damn kitchen! 

Well, by now (you guessed it), I needed to re-watch the video. Bolstered with renewed confidence, eight minutes later, I went back to preparing my delicious Prendy’s style steamed fish.

*Drum roll, please*

Voila! This masterpiece was out the pot and in my plate about 20 minutes later! Yummy, if I may say so myself!

So what if I almost lost a thumb in the process?! It's all a part of my kitchen adventures!

Go ahead and share your kitchen misadventures! We weren't all born great chefs.

7 Responses

  1. ryan amos

    tht looks gud

  2. LMAO Oh my. Well at least now you have learned just how sharp your knife is (which is an important thing to know as a chef). Kitchen misadventures are all a part of the deal. But you got a great meal out of it so way to go! Worry about the ones that end in ordering take out lol

  3. Haha Lol. It look’s delicious. What’s a bit of blood got to do with it? x

  4. Kadine

    Haha well done girl youtube and food network has saved many a amateur chef

  5. muna

    hope you didnt share any with you know who!!! 🙂