Great Jamaican restaurants to eat out

So in anticipation of Restaurant Week (and no I am NOT paid to promote any of these restaurants), I have pulled together the results of my Facebook poll into a blog post as promised. I don’t know how many of these restaurants are actually participating in Restaurant Week, but hey, I can’t do all the work for you!

What I can do, however, is provide you with a list of the restaurants you all selected as your favourites and why. And as bonus, I’ve also included the link to the pages of those with a website. Now, go ahead, explore and delight your taste buds!

Let us know if you enjoyed the service, and more importantly, don’t forget to tell us about the food!


Where to go for delicious food?

You said:

Spring Garden Cafѐ because they serve “great food, offer good service and are affordable.” You also said you "love their outdoor dining" and "it's a great place to have quiet, meaningful talk with your partner."

Evita's for fine Italian dining because “the food is delicious and not to mention the ambiance!" You also raved about the romantic and antiquated feel of the restaurant and the stunning views overlooking the city, which you described as "simply breath-taking.”


Where to go for delicious food?

You said

The Houseboat Grill. I call it the romantic restaurant in the sea. You said it's a must go for a "unique dining experience and sumptuous food."

The award-winning Sugar Mill restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. You also said it was “perhaps one of the best fine dining experience in the country!" In short it's a must go!

The Pelican Grill for real Jamaican home-style meals and a great place to chill.

Pier 1 for spectacular sunsets, seafood drinks and a great lyme!


Where to go for delicious food?

My personal favourites:

Tamarind and Saffron because I love Indian cuisine and I can't get enough of their coconut naan!

For fancy, pricey dining you said:

Majestic Sushi & Grill for "the best sushi" and "decor that's both contemporary and sophisticated."

Opa! for the best Greek cuisine and dining experience. I especially enjoy the celebration of breaking plates. Opa!

Spanish Court for Oxtail Mondays!

Terra Nova whether it's Regency Bar & Lounge for a drink and a great lyme or The Terrace for Sunday brunch or a fantastic buffet, you all raved about the dining experience.

Pegasus for great Jamaican breakfast and delicious Sunday brunch.

Strawberry Hills because the views will "take your breath away and the food is simply divine." It's no wonder this is popular spot for romantic celebrations and proposals.

Red Bones for the "coolest live music, poetry, art exhibitions in town all wrapped up with great food."

For chic dining on a budget, you said:

Gloria's Seafood at Port Royal for "great atmosphere and delicious seafood!"

Ribbiz for "great vibe, awesome music and reasonably prices drinks." Try the full house fries!

M-10 Bar and Grill for "great seafood," though the wait can be a tad bit long.

Cuddyz because I'm hooked on their stew peas!

Tracks and Records perfect for a group outings and arguably the best venue to watch any major sports event. Their sweet potato fries is "to die for". Plus, this has Usain Bolt's stamp of approval! Need I say more.

Triple Century Sports Bar for a photo-op with cricket superstar Chris Gayle if he's in the house, but that aside, you said, "the vibe is always pumping and the food is great."

Bob Marley's One Love Café for 'ital' Jamaican dishes and tasty natural juices. Plus, Bob Marley museum is right there. How cool is that?

South Avenue Grill (formerly Gaucho's) for reasonable priced steak house dining and large portions sizes.

Sonia's Homestyle Cooking for real Jamaican style breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are a fixture at their Sunday breakfast buffet and the oxtail is to die for! I promise, a sip of their chocolate tea or hominy corn porridge will transport you back to home.

East Japanese a great alternative to Majestic for delicious sushi.

Cru Bar and Kitchen a great after work chill spot for the 'crew' with lots of fun activities.

There are lots of other great eateries, so please share your favourite spots!

Dining at #Saffron... waiting for my food!

Dining at #Saffron... waiting for my food!

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