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It’s better in Bahamas (so they say)

We arrived in Bahamas in a little over an hour on a direct Caribbean Airlines flight. Immigration was hassle-free (hear that Trinidad… Barbados?), but it took quite a bit of time to retrieve our luggage. The customs officer actually searched every single one of our bags. Word has it that it’s because we were on...

The old meets the new – Exciting and historic Trelawny

It's official, the town of Falmouth is reclaiming its Georgian glory and all of Trelawny is bound to benefit! Gone is the quiet, uneventful Falmouth that only came alive with Wednesday’s “Ben Dung” shoppers in search of attractive bargains. In its place, is a town renewed and reinvigorated with purpose and excitement! What is responsible...

Mayfield Falls – The Hidden Treasure

“Have you ever heard of Mayfield Falls?” "No. You mean Dunn's River Falls?" That was the response of just about everyone we asked about this hidden treasure in Glenbrook, Westmoreland. No one had ever heard about it, let alone been there. We were now more motivated to 'discover' this well-kept secret. As it turned out,...