Career and Family: Can Women Have it All?

A true woman is a woman who wakes up every morning faced with several decisions and despite what the world is telling her she chooses to make the right one. She stands by what she believes, realizes what she deserves and doesn’t settle for less. She is honest, and loyal. She puts up with far more than she should.

This is the introduction to Georgia’s radio show entitled “Every Woman” aired on Nationwide 90 FM Monday - Friday 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. which explore a wide array of issues affecting women, but talk show host is just one of the many hats Georgia wears. She is also university lecturer, PhD candidate, CAPE tutor, author and entrepreneur BUT she will quickly tell you that her best and favourite roles are those of mommy and wife.

In honour of Child’s Month and Mother’s Day, I will be sharing the stories of women who I personally believe are superheroes. Why you may ask? Because quite frankly, anyone who can juggle a job or several gigs, a husband and children is nothing short of superhuman.

Georgia Crawford Williams is mother of three beautiful and vivacious children, (Rhea, Skye and Nathan), wife to a very patient husband, Emil but who is more popularly known as Jack.

I reached out to Georgia some months ago to share her experience with you and I can’t think of a better time than now to share her very candid, sometimes funny but always real responses to my questions on parenting and motherhood.

Read on and be inspired.

Family photo of Georgia, Emil and Rhea

Family photo of Georgia, Emil and Rhea

On becoming a mother

Lecia: How has having children changed your life?

Georgia: It has changed my life completely; mostly as it relates to available time and finances, and being totally responsible for someone else. Oh and the worry! A mother worries a lot and I have 3 to worry about. At least two times per week I have to tell myself, “Bitch the kids are fine, you nuh have work fi do?!”

Lecia: How do you cope with sleep deprivation?

Georgia: We just got used to it. Jack and I did alternate sittings when we had one baby, so it was you then me, then you, then me. But now that we have two babies, everybody is on duty. But to be fair, by 6 months, Nathan started sleeping through the night at least 4 times each week, but Skye at age 2 still gets up at nights to shout her daddy for tea (but  that’s because he spoils her!)

Lecia: I have been told that breastfeeding can be notoriously difficult and painful. Is it really that bad?

Georgia: Well, for me it has been difficult. None of my children were breastfed as I produced very little milk. My sister on the other hand, nearly drowned her newborn with milk.

Lecia: What is the most difficult adjustment you have had to make as a mother?

Georgia: I can’t think of any right now. Honestly, I have a lot of help. I have had a full-time helper from the get-go and Jack is very hands on and frighten fi him pickney dem. I have my mom (for the first 2 months with Rhea I didn’t bathe her), my sisters, Sheryl and Kerry and cousins. I still go to my mom’s house every day and nuff people always there to hand a baby to.

Lecia: Prior to making the decision to have a baby, did you know that you always wanted to be a mother? How ready were you for this new role? Can you ever really be ready? (I know, I know, a lot of questions rolled into one.)

Georgia: I knew I wanted one, but when Rhea came that was a surprise. I don’t believe you are ever totally ready; you practise on them. Lol!

Lecia: What’s the question you hate being asked as a parent?

Georgia: None really. I love to chat! Even when they ask, “Weh yu get dem brown pickney deh from?” I am ready to chat. LOL!

Relationship with Spouse

Lecia: Does having children pull you closer to or push you further away from your spouse?

Georgia: Well, I got pregnant with Rhea early in the relationship, and though we were living together, we were just getting used to each other and things were turbulent. However Jack’s excitement over the baby (our baby) was infectious, that’s when I decided I am going to marry this man. And since then the shared responsibility has drawn us closer. I remember our joint disbelief at Nathan so soon after Skye, and when he said “And then there were three! We cyan go back a nobody yaad enuh, cuz nobody nuh have space fi 3 pickney.” Lol! It was said as a simple joke, but it meant we were in this together; at least that’s what I took from it.  Even so, we still have many arguments about who is doing what wrong with them, who they love the most, why the house can’t keep clean, etc.

Play time with daddy

Play time with daddy

Lecia: What is the most awkward or funniest thing you’ve seen him do in his role as daddy?

Georgia: Suck cold out the baby’s nose

Lecia: How soon after giving birth can you comfortably have sex?

Georgia: I had C-sections so 2 months.

Lecia: Be honest. How much dent does having a child put in your sex life?

Georgia: Big dent! We have 3 children who many times want to sleep in our bed, plus by the time we put them to bed most times we are just plain tired! Well, I am plain tired. Tired is rarely a deterrent for Jack.

Lecia: Well, they do say children are the perfect cock blockers, so how do you make time for your spouse?

Georgia: Nuff quickies and nuff planning. My case is a little worse than most because 2 of them are under 2.

On Parenting

Lecia: What’s the best advice you’ve received as a mother?

Georgia: You will be the perfect parent for your child, just be kind and follow your instinct.

Lecia: What the most important advice you’d give to a new mother?

Georgia: Do you and be kind.

Lecia: Do you miss your pre-baby body?

Georgia: Yup, fighting back for it now.

Lecia: How do the realities of motherhood match up to what you imagined it to be?

Georgia: It’s harder, way more fun and much more emotional.

Lecia: How do you find balance as a professional woman, wife and mother?

Georgia: Finding balance is very hard. Many times I feel like I am not doing enough as a mother. The other day Rhea’s average fell from 90s to 78 and the guilt was almost physical, so much so that I dropped classes from my schedule the following semester (which worked because we were back up to a 96 average at the end of that semester). I believe balance is the hardest part especially when you are trying to pay attention to 3. I am still trying to pull it together. Even though my helper lives in, balancing it all is still hard, I work from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days. One thing that has helped is My Mommy and Me Fridays. Fridays after 2 p.m. is reserved for my children and we try to do fun things, like craft and concerts and beach trips (and sometimes when I am tired we play sleeping contest (LOL!), but Rhea catching on now. Sigh! I also try not to teach in the summer, so we have a lot of dandy shandy and football time.

Georgia's extended family plays a huge role in helping her to maintain balance

Georgia's extended family plays a huge role in helping her to maintain balance

Lecia: How have the children changed or impacted your relationship with your own parents?

Georgia: Not much, my mom and I were always very close, although recently she said, “You know me neva think you would be the mother one, cuz u did so maddy maddy!”

Lecia: They say kids say the darndest things. What was the most shocking thing any of your children have ever said or done?

Georgia: Rhea said, “You know, I should have been the one daddy marry. He loves me more!”

Skye and rhea

Finish these sentences

The first time I laid eyes on my child, I thought… how she so pink?

Childbirth is… wonderful

Love is… Fulfilling. Happy. Strange.

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  1. I love your articles Lecia, very informative but yet intriguing . It was a pleasure to read about Mrs. Williams , more so because Emil and I attended Glenmuir High , ?(A few years back)
    I have one child and it is a full time job especially for me as my child has Down’s syndrome . The steps are small but necessary for him to gain a milestone .
    Congratulations to Mrs Williams on achieving all that she has attained thus far , and thank you for opening your door of marriage and its many twist and happiness . I am one of your frequent reader and follower on Instagram and I love how you respond to others including me . God bless you and congratulations again -Audrey Willuams .

    • Lecia-Gaye Taylor

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment @Cherishpreps! I am very happy you enjoy my posts and I can only imagine the amount of love and nurturing that your son requires. I am hesitant to take on the role of being a mother because I know it requires a lot of patience, time, sacrifice and energy. I salute you and all mothers! And please subscribe if you haven’t already done so, and continue to read and share!

  2. Very honest article about Georgia, I only have 2 kids and it’s a struggle. Georgia is the epitome of a truly remarkable woman. This article does you justice!

  3. Great article…I enjoyed reading every bit of it. She is so genuine and seem down to earth. Keep being a wonderful wife and mommy!

    • Lecia-Gaye Taylor

      Thanks Sammy! Glad you enjoyed! Please share!

  4. Succint

  5. I enjoyed reading this article….. very real and refreshing. As a mother of twins I can relate to a lot of what was said.

    • Lecia-Gaye Taylor

      I’m happy you did and thanks for your feedback Charlene! Please share!