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“We will not be perfect wives or mothers…” Paula-Anne on striving for balance

We all know the saying, "Never grudge a man (in this case a woman) for his experiences or journey," but let’s be real, have you ever scrolled through someone’s timeline and just wonder to yourself, damn what am I doing with my life? Well, every time I stalk scroll through Paula-Anne’s Facebook page, I feel like she...

Career and Family: Can Women Have it All?

A true woman is a woman who wakes up every morning faced with several decisions and despite what the world is telling her she chooses to make the right one. She stands by what she believes, realizes what she deserves and doesn’t settle for less. She is honest, and loyal. She puts up with far...

Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

“A wedding is hands down one of the most expensive life events.” You’ll never fully understand the truth of this sentence until you plan your own wedding. Even when planning the smallest of weddings, it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to turning your dream wedding into a reality. But there are some couples...

Le Diner en Blanc – Why would I pay to feed myself?

Last year, when Garfield aka “the great adventurer” aka “the explorer” aka “the trier of all things new” excitedly suggested that we attend the first staging of Le Diner en Blanc – Dinner in White – I rolled my eyes and responded, “Hell no?!” I mean, “Why would I want to go to one of...

‘Tis the season for Carnival

‘Tis the time for soca, chipping on the road, wining, getting on bad, partying, drinking and more partying. By now, you may all know that one of us loves carnival more than the other. Let me give you a hint. That would be one who never misses Trinidad carnival even with the announcement of a general election....

Natural Wonders of our Water!

“Oh my God, the water is on fire!” I imagine this was the exclamation from Granny May when she discovered over 90 years ago that water flowing through her backyard could be set ablaze. This spring, located in the shanty community in St. Ann’s Bay is now known as the “Jamaica Fire Water”. When water meets fire...

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