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I hate your family (and friends)

OK, so everyone knows that getting married is not just the joining together of two people, but their families and friends! For most people this can be as painful as a root canal without anaesthesia (yikes). If you know me you will also know that my mother is my LIFE. No buts! I would never...

Fights that you may…nay…will have before your wedding!

I don’t profess to be a wedding planner or counsellor for that matter. Heck, I have only planned one wedding -- mine. But there are a few things I learnt along the way that could be useful to a future bride. It’s normal to fight... seriously, nothing’s wrong with you It is days to the...

Commitment – what does it mean?

Don’t get it twisted. Getting married or having a wedding is no true indication of commitment. Well yes, it may be commitment in the sense that he has decided to spend his life with you (or for as long as you both can stand each other), make you the mother of his children and share...

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