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Captain Craig Lewis-Mayne on Balancing Fatherhood

Craig wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, a father, a husband and a pilot.  As a JDF captain he admits that he is no stranger to a challenge, yet he readily confesses that heading to a delivery room is more nerve-racking than flying through a storm!  Read on and enjoy Craig's candid answers on fatherhood. How has becoming...

It’s better in Bahamas (so they say)

We arrived in Bahamas in a little over an hour on a direct Caribbean Airlines flight. Immigration was hassle-free (hear that Trinidad… Barbados?), but it took quite a bit of time to retrieve our luggage. The customs officer actually searched every single one of our bags. Word has it that it’s because we were on...

How my husband discovered he could cook

My darling husband has earned himself three months vacation. I know, we 10-15 days private sector workers will never understand how someone can rack up three months of vacation. Three months! That's 90 days or about 100 days not counting weekends! Okay fine, I'll admit that his job is pretty rough, so perhaps he does deserve the time off (said a very...

Dads we salute you too! Steven Lofters on fatherhood

As we continue to celebrate great dads, we now turn the spotlight on Dr Steven Lofters, one of the best and most experienced radiologists in Jamaica. He is also a fitness enthusiast, who has made impressive showings in several body building competitions and a carnival junkie who has turned his passion into a business. Ever...

Dads we salute you too – Stephen Price on fatherhood

It’s no secret that Father’s Day, especially in Jamaica, is greeted with very little fanfare and celebration, if any at all. The reason for this is pretty clear: most of us (myself included) grew up in single parent homes with mothers who played the role of our fathers. I have shared my experience of growing...

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