Yep…I’m blogging

Did I say my hubby was the junkie?

My husband is a Facebook Junkie...he won’t admit it, but isn’t that the first sign of being a junkie?

Anyway, our entire relationship has been played out on FB and his many Facebook friends and ‘fans’ seem to really enjoy this spectacle (much to my dismay since he rarely consults me before posting pics!)

Then we got engaged and that too was on FB! It was a fairytale engagement, one that I would have dreamt of if I was given to such fantasies as a child. Our photos were a hit and admittedly it was one of the happiest days of my life 🙂

Fast forward to our wedding, I created a website and within two days we had over 13000 hits! Holy cow we seemed to have a real fan base. Well at least my husband did (no he’s not a celebrity, just a really loveable guy). Our wedding even made the Gleaner - the national newspaper as a unique and fabulous Oscar Affair.

Don’t take my word for it. Go see for yourself!

You guessed it, the feedback was phenomenal! So amidst suggestions that we become event planners, web designers, among many other interesting career options, we settled on a more realistic path...blogging.

That’s right! We haven’t quit our day jobs (at least not yet) but this blog is designed to share our journey that has been described by some as ‘inspiring’, ‘beautiful’, ‘a fairytale’ and the many other adjectives that this little romance has conjured up in the minds of our friends and well wishers.

I certainly don’t propose to know the secret to living happily ever after but we will share the “ups and downs” (those who were at our wedding will appreciate this joke) of our marriage and our lives together.

So welcome to the beginning...